Thursday, March 23, 2000

so Er me ARE

so as things movin forward , _____ i´ll use this to tell u bit more about MG 77 Recordings and My life as Dj Maxximus and others........

this blog was created on fri 17.06.2005

the reason why i start with this first post in this blog in 2000 ,is because ,2000 was the time i was getting into uk garage,
throu´ Lady C. who lived in London that time ,i´ve gotten tapes of her with lots of London Pirates .
Dj Scud was comming over to Berlin in the same summer ,so i ve asked him to bring us (Something J) more ukgarage tunes.
In Germany that time TV stations started to report about "2-step", protracted to get hyped in 2001 ,more and more.
But that what they´ve presented was like a bad version of Labello Blanco in 4+4.Anyway,i was total hooked by what i was hearing on the tapes of Lady C.. and Dj Scud.

So i try to fill up this blog till Real time ,yo i see with me ,like the benches on Hampstead Heath.

DHR ended that year for all of us suddently ,because Alec was geting more and more insane and the rest is History.