Wednesday, June 29, 2005

itz moving ....

Yes ,itz moving,slowly ,because it is so heavy, but is comming .

"BASS THE WORLD" will hit the streets in Oktober.
The tracklisting i will post these daYS,but Trust me,it will be a journey through
the biggest tunes of the last 2 years and some traxx of the newest producers of what u call it? from uk and germany.

where ever u from ,
if u doing traxx ,too. drop me a mail ...MG 77 Recordings is going to be available on iTunes and soon

Soom T is coming to Berlin for a month ,so we going to finish her first solo lp which is prob. out in mid september ....
and it will be !Mental! ,after the stuff with Bus the wanted to warpspeed-up her vocals and her style is so unique ..G´n`B .brrrrr
........Warrior Queen will be on a song ,thatz confirmed,
Miss Kitten wanted also doin´ something with soom but i heaven´t seen her for a long time,
after she was coming back from her US tour ,she just droped me a mail that she has played "Destiny"
on every show....wruuuump that kool !
At the dinner with dj Cameo last friday,he told me also that he plays "quite a lot " of my traxx...
wruuuump that kool !
IT was A great WILD night LATER on THAN with Crazy Titch and Lady Fury....
BAASS OONN!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

When will the Reason CDM be released? :) ..or has it been cancelled?

8:09 AM  
Blogger himself said...

no cd just 12" but the soom-t lp will be on cd and vinyl

8:07 AM  

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